Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wonderful Easter!

Just wanted to drop in real quick to share a few Easter photos, and give a quick update on things happening around here. =o)

Will got to go to an Easter Egg hunt at church. Abby was with her AHG troop doing Trash Bash that morning, so it was just me and the little man having some one on one time!

He's a ham, and was very forgiving that Mommy forgot to bring his basket. He didn't even seem to mind. =o)

He loved the egg race they had! His team won, but he cried when they did because there were no more eggs to run across the room, haha!

On Good Friday we spent the morning at a local goat farm. It was a beautiful day! Adam was injured and couldn't join us, but we plan to go back in a couple weeks.

Will called this "MY goat". He loved her, and they were buddies for quite a while. She didn't mind him giving her all kinds of love. He was so happy.

We all got a turn to try and milk one of the goats. It was easier than I thought it would be! I even got it in the bucket before spraying myself. Abby did better than I did though. We have a natural goat milker on our hands.

Abby kept picking up the little babies. They were SO adorable! I think she is too. 

 This is the best shot I could get of the 2 of them together. They were both just running around and loving it so much it was hard to get them still at the same time!

We worked on some craft projects throughout the week. Here is Abby's Maundy Thursday activity. Will made one too. It looks the same, but more scribbly, haha.

This is Will's Palm Sunday branch he made with his handprints, and in front is Abby's Good Friday project she made of the cross. 

And here are Abby's handprints, with Will's cross. I don't know why they got switched around, or why I even know which cross belongs to each child since they are practically identical...

Our family on Easter morning! Next year we will have another little guy in the photo with us.

Will hunting for eggs at the house after church on Easter Sunday. He got hot and tired pretty quickly and quit before all the eggs were found.

 I just loved his little outfit!

And Abby just looked like a beautiful princess.

Hunting for eggs in the front yard. Excuse the landscaping... its a work in progress, lol.

Abby found the last of the eggs by herself since her brother quit on her. I think Daddy had to go out and help rescue the last egg that was missing though. Daddy hides the eggs REALLY well... TOO well

Hope you all had a blessed Holy Week and Easter! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!!!