Wednesday, March 27, 2013

General Update, and What's on my mind...

So what's been going on around the Taylor house?

Lets see...

Aaron Matthew was baptized. Isn't he so cute??? This is Aaron with his godmother, Sarah (who he calls Nanan - she's from Louisiana, and its the norm there), and with his Uncle Kolby (who is not his real uncle, but has been bestowed that name since Abby was a baby. He is Abby's godfather, and Adam's dear friend. He also stood in as proxy at the baptism for Aaron's godfather, Robert, because Robert lives in Alaska with the military and making it down to Texas was just slightly tricky, lol)

Abby joins the church at the Easter Vigil this weekend. Exciting! We still aren't sure how we are going to work it out with all the littles. I mean, I love the beauty of the church and how this is done, but... its not very convenient with families. Oh well. The others will have a much more traditional entrance into the church, so it shouldn't be so complicated and exhausting.

I moved all the kids into one "BEDroom" and put all the toys into a "PLAYroom". I should just do a post on this later. Remind me. Because I won't remember!

A friend of ours lost a brother this past week, and another friend lost one of his best friends. Even though we weren't close to those who passed away, our friends are hurting, and the circumstances surrounding their deaths is so very sad. Will you please pray for our friends, and for those who passed away? I have hope in God's love and mercy.

We've been debating NFP. With Aaron being older, and fertility soon approaching, what should we do? We've been thinking and praying. This probably also deserves its own post.

Adam is considering a "career change". He is thinking about going back to school, or starting us on a new big adventure. We don't know what's going to happen, and are just waiting for the Lord to guide us in the decision. Pray for Adam!

Other than ALL of that, things are going the same as usual around here. Typical homeschooling day and life. That's a good thing. =o)

Now, what's on my mind? The big thing, is skirts. I know, I know, I've done this before. Back and forth with the whole skirts thing. I can tell you 2 things right now 1) its only a little bit about modesty. 2) Its a whole lot about being feminine and accepting that gift and role. Abby and I discussed it today. She is getting older, and being the only women in the house, we have to talk about such things and back each other up. Adam for some reason just doesn't understand me when I talk about how you just "feel" different in a dress or skirt, lol. Abby and I seem to be on the same page, so we are praying and thinking and planning. The Lord will lead us. He always does.