Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year Update

Just a quick update, again, to share a peek into our adventures with three kiddos and some exciting news. (No, I'm not pregnant, lol)

First, having 3 kids has been more difficult than I had anticipated, and so much more wonderful too! At first it was a hard transition, but of course we are now used to having an extra little bugger around and we've sort of got a routine, so it all seems "normal" now. Aaron is the happiest and sweetest baby I have ever met - and I am not just saying that - he truly is! Everyone who meets and holds this baby comments on how sweet and happy he is. He is such a blessing! The older kids have adjusted very well to their sweet little brother, and just love him to death. I was concerned about Mr. 3 year old and how he would take his dethroning - but he loves his baby brother so much!

And now, for the exciting news! Our family is absolutely and officially joining the Catholic church. We have been on a faith journey for so many years, and while I could say I "wish" it had gone faster, I know there is a perfect timing and a reason for all the trails we have wandered down along the way. We are so thrilled and happy to have found our way "home" at last. Adam and I will be joining the church on February 2, Aaron will be baptized later in the month, and Abby will join and receive her first communion and confirmation at the Easter Vigil. Will is at the age where he basically just gets absorbed in since he has already received baptism, but isn't old enough to receive additional sacraments. We have been on the threshold of this before, but have never come this far into the doors of the church. We are so close to being able to sit at the table and share in the Body of Christ with our brothers and sisters, and are now preparing for our first confession. Please pray for us as we complete our journey home!

Now, I know we have some family and friends who this news thrills! And we have others who may be concerned or alarmed because of their beliefs or understanding of the Catholic church and its faith. I want to assure you, that we are not lost or in danger, and we are happy to give you information on what the Catholic church truly teaches and believes, to help put you at ease with our decision. We appreciate your love, care and prayers - no matter what side of the Tiber you happen to be on. ;)