Saturday, June 25, 2011

Please Please Please go vote!

I have a favor to ask - please go vote for my cousin and his fiance! This is a contest for the "loveliest couple" to win free engagement photos. I would so appreciate it if you would take just a minute to click on over and vote for them.

Don't worry, I'm not asking you to vote just because I asked you to! They really ARE the loveliest couple, and I will tell you why!

My cousin is a very important person in my life - even though he is a bit younger and we haven't always lived close together. When I was in kindergarten he was born, and we spent our earliest years living just down the street from each other. My sister and I often pretended he was our little brother, and even to this day I sometimes refer to him as my "Brother-Cousin" (which can be weird, but its not, its just our funny joke). I know when I reach some sort of crisis I can call him or text him and he will help me find an answer, and whether he knows it or not he has helped me in my faith so many times over the years. He is an excellent student, a caring and hilarious person, and he loves the Lord for REAL! He isn't perfect, but he has grown to be a Godly man and is going to be a wonderful husband and Lord willing an amazing father.

Not only do I love my cousin, but he could not have chosen a more wonderful girl to be his bride. She is beautiful and sweet and funny, and she also loves the Lord and that love shines from her. She is a beautiful girl but her love for God so magnifies the beauty that she was created to be. I have not known her long, but my daughter loves her and looks up to her, and I am so glad that my daughter has someone so kind and amazing to look up to.

If you could see them together you would know they deserve these pictures. They have been through some much in their relationship, and have spent a lot of time apart from one another because of Army training my cousin, Travis, has had to attend, and because of an overseas education opportunity that Bri was able to take. Even in their relationship they have shown such maturity and love for one another, and for God. Even though many times it would have been easier for them to stay in the same town, they chose to follow where the Lord was leading and have continued to serve and put Him first rather than make an idol of their relationship. And you can tell when they look at each other and share jokes, that they really and truly are in love, and I do believe that they are the loveliest couple that could possibly hope to win these photos. They truly deserve this opportunity.

So, please vote. Please. =o)

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