Tuesday, March 27, 2012

23 weeks! and our going ons

Wow, is it 23 weeks already? And is it ONLY 23 weeks? How can time during pregnancy go so quickly and so slowly at the same time? Although, I do think this is the "fastest" pregnancy I have had as far as time seeming to just fly by. I wonder if that is due to this being my 3rd ride on this roller coaster, or if its just because I'm older now, haha. Let's go with 3rd ride. I like the sound of that better than "older".

So am I ready for this baby yet? Nope. So I'm certainly glad that I still have many more weeks to go. I do have clothes for this little guy, and the cloth diapers are already ready. I decided this time around to make it easy on myself and cloth diaper at home, but use disposables outside of the house. I think this will be less stressful for me, but will still give us a big money savings. We have a few toys and things I have gotten out and cleaned that were Will's. I have a little baby shelf prepped with all the diaper stuffs and early toys. But... yah that's about it. Haha. I obviously have so much more to do. Like - buy a car seat! And I do want to get a pack and play this time around, but really there isn't much else we "need". I still have my lovely baby wrap that Will was in constantly for about 6-9 months. There are a couple other things that I WANT to have, but are not necessarily at all required. I'm sure I will get everything I need to get before Aaron decides to join us. Hopefully!

As far as how I am feeling and doing, its actually pretty incredible! I started some meds to get my depression issues in check during the pregnancy and before his arrival - and that seems to be going well after a short adjustment period. My PPD was so bad after Abby was born, that my doctor and I really have tried to reign things in and get in under control before Will was born, and now before Aaron too. But really I am feeling just wonderful! I don't think I have ever been this mobile during a pregnancy. So far I am still up and running around with no issues, no swelling (sometimes I feel like my feet are starting to swell, maybe some of you know that weird tingly feeling that hints it is going to happen... I dunno) but so far I've been able to keep it at bay by propping my feet up throughout the day and taking it easy when I feel it happening. I am measuring big - I always do, thanks big children... and I feel WAY bigger than all the other pregnant women I know who are due around the same time as me! No real pain, been able to sleep fairly well considering I am typically a tummy sleeper, and just going about our business. I still get nauseous occasionally, but it isn't so bad (I have never had nausea go on so long before!)

So that's about it. We're just hanging about and doing our thing. We had a stressful week last week, but that has all settled down and things are back to normal around here. Until this weekend when company arrives from Florida for a week - so we will see how that goes! The kids want to take our guest to the zoo, and I am sure she will want to go to some of the art museums around here. We're going to go to the antique shops nearby and just spend an afternoon having a yummy lunch and browsing around and hopefully enjoying some beautiful Spring weather while we are out. Looks to be a fun time!

Oh, and on a side note - I got the kids their Easter outfits from Zulily. Spent hardly anything, and they are going to look really fancy, haha. I guess I didn't realize how long and poofy that dress was from the picture... so Abby is going to look a bit royal, haha. And Will in his outfit looks like a little English gent. Its hilarious! I can't wait to share pictures in a couple weeks. =o)

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