Monday, March 5, 2012

Catch up

Well, I have been WANTING to post some pictures and whatnot, but my camera and computer do not want to communicate with each other properly! It is very frustrating. So many pictures to share, and the inability to do so. Hopefully soon I can get them cooperating again.

In other new - tomorrow we find out the gender of this new little baby! I am SO excited and can't wait!!! We even have names picked out, for either gender, so we can start calling baby by name right away too. =o) We might decide to share. I don't know. Only if you all promise to pretend to love the names no matter what. Haha! Any guesses? Ellen, you already know so you can't guess!

And as a side note, we got wings for dinner tonight. Yum! Although, this preggo is having spicy food issues. Its like hormones or something have magnified my mouth and skin reaction to spiciness, and its very difficult. I still eat it anyway, cause I just love spicy things oh so very much.

AND, my bedroom is clean. Even the closet. It feels so good to have it back to ...clean. I was going to say normal, but yah, clean is probably not the normal in this room. It seems to be the catch all shut the door and hide it all away room. So its nice to have it back to what I WISH was normal.

Oh, and we got Abby her own cell phone and line. I feel crazy and said I would never get her one so young. But, she is the oldest, and I often send her in little gas stations real quick to grab things, and she runs over to friends houses to play now (ones that we know and approve of) and we just feel safer with her having a phone. Plus if we need her to come home right quick, we can just get her on her phone or send her a note, rather than having to dig out so and so's number or go down to fetch her. She only has approved numbers programmed in her phone, and she has tons of rules with it, but I do have to admit that I feel safer with her having it for me to contact her, or for if something goes wrong for her to reach me really quick from wherever she is. Plus - I am paranoid about kidnappers. I'm sure its growing up just seeing all the stuff in the news and the tv shows about it...but I am. So her phone has family "tracking" on it, and wherever her phone is, I can locate her. If anything horrible ever did happen and she was in some kind of danger, then hopefully she would be able to keep the phone on her person somehow or atleast near her location, so we could find her. I know that's probably so ridiculous sounding... but it comforts me. I worry far too much, obviously...

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  1. Ha ha! I won't guess! I'm excited to know which name you'll be calling this little one. Hurry up and get the ultrasound already!

    Oh, and, I don't think you're crazy! I am always worried about the whole 'what-if' kidnapper thing!