Wednesday, March 28, 2012

23 Weeks PHOTO!

I must be getting brave, posting pregnant photos! Yikes! Only having gained 2 lbs so far is a contributing factor I'm sure. Had I already gained more, then maybe this wouldn't be up, lol!

Sorry for the fuzziness. I think my camera is dying. Probably because a certain 3 year old likes to sneak off with it, play with it, and drops it quite frequently. Oops.


  1. Love the picture! Thanks for sharing!!

    Is that the skirt you made? I'm still patiently waiting to see a photo, or two. =)

  2. Ah! You are so patient! I totally forgot! LOL. I will iron it tonight and wear it tomorrow. It sat in the basket a wee bit too long yesterday, haha. This is a skirt I found at Ross actually, for around $10 I think. I LOVE it! So, I only have 2 skirts, lol, but I've been wearing them all but 2 days for a while now. And the 2 days I wore pants/capris was due to laundry issues, and I absolutely hated it. I felt so gross! Guess I've become used to skirts already!

  3. I will continue to patiently wait. =)

    That is so great that you have been so dedicated in wearing them. I'm still only wearing them on Sabbath. I still need shoes! Lol!

  4. LOL! What size do you wear? I bought some that I ended up hating and refuse to wear... they are slip on but similar to Tom's or those old canvas slip on type shoes, and not like sandals or dress shoes or anything. Let me know! We need to meet up anyway to let the kids play and so I can give you a certain book and giftcard! ;o)

  5. It depends on the shoe but usually about a 7 - 7 1/2. I still have TWO books to give YOU! You're half way through your pregnancy already. The perfect time to read up. =)

  6. Hi Kelli! You look adorable! You also won Hidden in My Heart scripture lullabies on, so swing on over and shoot me an email at the address in the most recent post, k?

  7. Hi Kelli -

    I'm going to be hosting a pregnancy link-up starting this Sunday on my blog. I'd love for you to join in!

    For more information, head over to my blog and click on the My Pregnancy Journal tab.

  8. Sarah - I'm definitely in! Sounds like so much fun!