Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo Catch Up

Hooray! I got my camera and computer to speak. Apparently a video on my camera was causing problems because it was corrupt or something, so I had to delete it. So sad! At least my pictures are all ok. So here we go!

On Valentine's Day we made some sprinkled pink cupcakes! Abby loves to bake, and did great!

I was brave and even let Will help put icing on a few of them. He was our master sprinkler though.

 Here are a few of our goodies from that day.

Yum! They turned out great!

Our new internet provider came out to install that day, so we shared a cupcake with him. The kids were so happy to do so, and I think the guy was a little bit excited to get a cupcake too, haha!

Will turned 3! This is him at his family birthday party - and we still had 27 people in the house.

Will was SO excited to get this slide for the backyard! We are so glad he enjoys it. Small enough not to scare Mommy, big enough that it will get used for years to come still. I HIGHLY recommend this slide if you are looking for a good one for the backyard.

And here is me! I am about 18 weeks along in this photo, at 20 weeks now, but me and baby are both measuring at over 21 weeks! Guess I get to have another big baby this time around. 

Oh, and we found today that...

It's a BOY! 

Name is all picked out, but I don't know if we are ready to share. I will keep you posted. =o)

p.s. Forgot to add, baby looks great and healthy! Only thing is there is an echocardiac focus in the heart (basically a little calcium deposit in the heart). Some of you may remember that Will also had this and we knew about before he was born. This baby seems to only have 1 spot, whereas Will had many. Basically, what this means is absolutely nothing. Babies with down syndrome have the deposits more often than babies who do not, but just because a baby does have the deposit does not mean down syndrome is indicated. From all other indicators and measurements, our baby does not appear to have down syndrome. Of course, we are praying for a healthy baby and that indeed the deposit means nothing as it did in Will's case (and Will's case was much more concerning, because there were so many of the deposits), but even if our little one is indeed born with down syndrome, we would be equally thrilled with this sweet life God has entrusted to us.


  1. Yay! I was thinking boy! Everyone is having a boy this year! Okay, just you and Marcy, but still! We'll be praying for the little guy! Either way, he will be a wonderful blessing from the Lord.

    Love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. Congratulations on your boy!!! HOW exciting! What is the reaction of your kiddos?!

  3. Abby was relieved she gets to keep her own room, haha, and Will wanted to know where the boy was. Apparently he thought I would be bringing the baby HOME today, lol! He was quite distraught about his missing brother. I think this will be really great. Boys will be only 3 years apart and sharing a room, I still have some boy clothes that survived Will (some, not a lot, haha) to pass down, and boys r just so easy to dress comparatively and all that.

    And judging from the movement I've been feeling, plus what the doctors and techs said at the ultrasound, this baby is so chill and calm. He just sat there and was getting poked and prodded (we were trying to get him to uncover his face with his hands, lol) and he would just do a little wiggle and settle himself back down, looking totally unphased by everything around him. They said he was a relaxed little one - and I said GREAT its about time I got a calm one! Lol

  4. Love to hear this Kelli! I have heard, and experienced, that #3 is a bit easier than the first 2. And, for us, #4 has been easy also, but she is a girl and can be a bit dramatic, even at 19 months old! ;)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS. Abby looks like a grown up!!! ;)
    So glad to hear all is well with everyone.