Sunday, July 24, 2011

Healthy Habits, and Babies

So, I have been in prayer about becoming a midwife. How should I got about it? When should I do it? Am I sure its my "calling"? I don't want to neglect my home and family in order to do this. And as I was praying about these things and why I wanted to be a midwife, I had this thought. I want to be a midwife because I believe in most cases birth can be a natural and wonderful process as God intended it to be without why does only the birth process matter to me? I guess it stands out to me because I love babies and had bad hospital birth experiences, but really this is a bigger issue! This is about a complete lifestyle change. We should also be living day to day a natural and wonderful way that God intended for us too. So, our family has some huge changes to make. We need to change our eating habits and our lifestyle habits, and we really need to become more aware of what we are putting into our bodies and how we are choosing to live and treat our bodies. This is going to be a long and hard journey for all of us, but I feel like it is a big step we are being led to that I must deal with and learn from before/as part of this midwife journey I am making. So here we go!

On another note, my sister is due VERY soon with her first little baby! I am going to be going up there to help out for a weekend after the baby is born, and I'm just so excited I can hardly contain myself! That's all really, I just had to share it because I'm SO DARN EXCITED!!!! =o)


  1. I had no idea you had an interest in midwifery! That's awesome. Have you considered being a doula in the mean time?

  2. I had considered being a doula! Its a cheaper and faster program to become certified here in Texas, and at first I was jumping at it thinking it would be a good "start". And then I realized that I am more medically minded, and that is a big part of my interest is the medical aspect. I don't know if I would be good at the doula part alone. Right now I don't feel a drive to do that. Who knows, as I keep going and prayer that may become part of this for me! But I know right now my heart is more on the baby and delivery than focusing on caring for mom alone, if that makes sense. This is something I've been thinking of for a while now, but something I just seriously started considering fairly recently. I was unsure, but when I brought it up with my husband he was thrilled and really encouraged me - which is the opposite of that I thought would happen! I feel much more confidant now, but I definitely want to take it a step at a time and make sure I am letting God get involved in all this. I tend to make my own plans and kind of let God deal with whatever mess I make of it all, instead of listening to Him from the get go. =o)