Friday, July 8, 2011

Homeschool 2010-2011 about to begin

As I mentioned in the previous posting about chores, school is literally right around the corner for us. We are going to start on August 1. I thought I would just a little post giving a listing of our chosen curriculum and plans for this year. Usually, I have found other homeschool moms to be interested in hearing what others plan to do, haha.

Abby's School Work - 3rd Grade
Math - Math Mammoth (I had wanted to use Teaching Textbooks, but it is just out of my price range)
Science - Apologia Astronomy (Fall) / Apologia Zoology 1 (Spring)
History - Mystery of History Vol. 1 - Creation to the Resurrection
Language Arts - Switched on Schoolhouse L.A. (includes grammar, spelling, reading, etc.), also Literature Reading using BeyondFIAR lists and Ambleside lists
Foreign Language - Song School Latin
Music - Rod and Staff Music
P.E./Health - Gymnastics, daily stretching/alternating strength/cardio activities, Rod and Staff Health
Penmanship - Rod and Staff Penmanship
Bible - Foundations Book 1

Will's School Work - Preschool
Phonics - Hooked on Phonics Pre-K Level 1
All Other Subjects - Before Five In a Row
I wasn't actually planning on doing any type of school for Will this year, other than just whatever came about naturally, but he has been asking to do school like Abby, and since he has already shown he knows all colors, all shapes (you know, the "main ones" haha), all his Upper and Lower case alphabets, recognizing numbers, and starting to be able to do one to one number correspondence up to 6, I decided it was time for him to move to a *bit* more formal school work. He is my reader. Abby always hated reading, and still has to be forced to do so, but Will drags books out everyday and begs to be read to, so I'm really excited about getting to use B4FIAR with him!


  1. I'd like to hear more about Math Mammoth. I'm thinking about using something different with M, he'll be 2nd grade soon and I think Horizon's is too overwhelming. Let me know what you think of it, please! =)

    I've also heard about Kitchen Table Math. I'm looking into that one also. I heard some people use them together. So, yeah, any info is helpful!

  2. I will let you know about Math Mammoth! We have used some of it before that my mom sent us, just to work on specific issues Abby was having a hard time with, but we haven't ever used the actual curriculum for very long. I have looked it over and it looks very comprehensive. It is definitely something where you need to sit down and go over it with the child, I can tell that already. We will probably be approaching it by doing 1/4-1/2 of each lesson together in class time, and then the remainder of the lesson will be "homework" for her to complete on her own. Which I am actually doing this year, which is different from the past. There will be a set time in the morning when I sit with Abby and we go through all the school work to be done "in class" and together, and then the rest will be her homework to get done independently and have for the next day. Then each new day will begin our sit down in class time with a review of the homework she had from the day before. I think this will better serve my time needs as far as working with both her and Will, and because she is older start to give her more accountability and independence as she would in a regular school environment.

    So that kinda went off topic... haha. But I will let you know how it goes!