Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Episode 2

1. I read this article. It made me cry. It is SO worth it though. The bond between these 2 siblings is so inspiring.

2. Abby's gymnastics is coming along wonderfully. She practices everyday and is so excited. I'm so proud of her for working hard, and I am so happy she is enjoying it. She is only a beginner, and she is scaring me with all her handstands and cartwheeling. Lord help me when she starts doing flips. Her eis a picture of her a couple weeks ago, practicing a handstand and helping me take pictures for her Daddy's father's day gift. It is amazing to see the difference in her skills in just the few weeks she has really been working at it.

3. I moved my furniture around today. Again. I do this a lot. I can't seem to get things how I like them. I think this will have to do for now. Does anyone else have a weird furniture moving compulsion? =o)

4. Walmart had the red velvet twinkies. I don't know if that is the actual name, but its basically what they are. I bought a box because I couldn't help myself. Then I ate the entire box. I actually only ate half of it, and then realized how much I had eaten, and then decided it was better to just make them disappear and have one ultimate fail day, rather than a fail week. So there ya go. Yes, I suppose I could be rationalizing.

5. Febreze Noticeables work extremely well. I am quite pleased with their performance. I have used other plugins in the past and found them to lose their scent very quickly. I have used Scentsy (and loved it btw) but Will just can't resist grabbing it and dumping wax everywhere. For real. Just ask my walls and carpet. Btw, anyone know how to get wax off walls and out of carpet? But, back to the Febreze product, its been over 2 weeks now and the scent is still great. I still can smell it if I've been outside and come in the house, I can tell its working. Yes I get used to it when I'm inside, but the scent is actual 2 different ones that alternate, and so occasionally I can suddenly smell a difference, and I'm happy. The box claimed it would last 30 days on the low setting before needed a replacement cartridge thingy. So far so good. I am putting them to the test.

6. I am torn between getting back into shape, and having a baby later on, or just having a baby now when I'm out of shape, so I don't have to get back into shape twice.

7. Abby's birthday is in 2 weeks. She will be 8. That doesn't seem possible to me. We will be having her first sleepover birthday party, and she is so thrilled. I've ordered all her birthday stuff and I can't wait. She is going to be getting some American Girl stuff for her Just Like Me doll, and we are also redoing her bedroom (not all of it, but some) to transform it into a bigger girl room. Bye bye baby, Bye bye little girl, hello Tween. Crazy! This is my baby girl, but I guess this picture is from a while ago. This was taken on her 2nd birthday.  =o)

I just realized Will was a bit neglected in this post. I will have to make it up to him next week!


  1. I love how, in #6, you nonchalantly talk about having another baby. =) But, don't you think, maybe, you should get into shape and be really healthy before you get pregnant? Then, you can maintain your exercise routine during the pregnancy, and have a great birth! Just my 2 cents there. =)

    By the way, I like the 7 quick takes Friday, I may borrow your idea and do my own!

  2. This isn't my idea, but yes I liked it and borrowed it as well, haha. You should go for it! I am thinking of trying to find something easy like that for a couple days a week. We will see.

    Oh, and it may sound nonchalant, but its not, haha. This has been an ongoing discussion for quite some time. And I guess I should clarify, I'm not actually "out of shape", I'm just heavier than I would like to be. As far as being in shape goes, I can run 3 miles nonstop, I am quite flexible really, doctor says my health is wonderful - its just my weight. So if my health is great, it seems silly to me to spend a bunch of time losing weight, only to gain it all back again with pregnancy. During pregnancy I get extremely loose joints, especially my hips and pelvic area, and I am not able to exercise. With Will I actually could hardly even walk some days. So pregnancy is definitely not nonchalant for me, haha, and I wouldn't be able to work out during the pregnancy, so the chances of me staying in good shape through it are slim. You can see why now it becomes more of an issue as far as what to "plan" for (but we know that our plans are not ever really THE plan, haha). Also, I don't want to wait too much longer to have another, or I may just be done (again, as far as my plans go!). So we will see.

  3. I got ya! I somehow always seem to forget that every woman has different pregnancies. I'm a goober! =)

    Oh, and that is awesome you can run 3 miles! I AM out of shape because walking up the stairs makes me huff, just a little. Lol!

    I also have to remind myself that 'my plans' aren't always the best for me. Only God knows! His plan is the best plan. We gave how many children we're going to have to Him a few years ago. We're at 4 now but only He knows the final number. Which, honestly, can be a bit scary sometimes! I mean, we have 4! Ha ha!

    Thanks for sharing your life Kelli!! I should go running with you sometime, if you can slow down for me. ;)