Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's a............

Ok, so that title is kind of mean. Cause I don't really know.

But the internet thinks IT knows.

Anyone heard of the Chinese Birth Chart / Gender Predictor? I of course think its silly really, but thought it would be fun to go check it and see not only what it says this little baby is going to be - but also what it had to say about Abby and Will.

If you do go try it, you are supposed to calculate everything by your lunar age and the lunar month, not by our typical age and month system. So keep that in mind if you go play the game too. =o)

And the results are...

That Abby was going to be a boy. Eek sorry gender predictor, missed that one.
That Will was going to be a girl. Yikes. 2 wrong. Thats no good.

And, this baby, based on the Chinese chart, says the baby will be a boy. So, are we all thinking girl now? Haha!

I honestly, have no real preference. I just want a healthy baby that will stop making me sick! (ha). But when I think about it, I know a boy would be more convenient just as far as the kids ages and playing together and getting their rooms set up, but at the same time, I do miss those little frilly baby girly things. Abby is definitely moving out of that age. Either way, I'm good. I just don't know how much longer I can stand not knowing. I am not one who waits for it to be a surprise! Its a surprise no matter when I find out, hehe. But with Abby, I couldn't tell. I had no real idea if it was a boy or girl. I just kept trying to logically deduce the answer. With Will, I KNEW it was a boy. No doubt in my mind. This time, I don't know. I find myself going through a lot of the same things I did the first time around, trying to use logic and weird signs to determine what the baby was. So not effective. Should find out in about 5-9 weeks I guess. I never know when the doctor is gonna send me in for the ultrasound. Somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks I am assuming. Excited!

Oh, but if you ask Will if the baby is a boy or a girl, he will tell you that its a purple baby. Because his favorite color is purple. So he is REALLY hoping not for a brother, or for a sister, but for something purple. 2 year olds - they just don't get it.

And Happy New Year, btw. ;o)

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