Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We are here!

So, I wanted to wait and blog when I had some pictures. But since my camera is.... somewhere. And I know it is out of batteries and that I don't have any replacement ones at this time... well. This is what you get! So sorry.

The move went well. There are always things I wish would have gone differently - I guess that is the control freak part of me. It is best that I just go handle the kids and the dogs while other people do the moving - and not just because I'm pregnant. We probably wouldn't have any friends left after our moves if I was around during the actual moving of things.

So, I'm not going to list all things that were broken, bent, crushed, damaged, because of how things got moved. Nope, not gonna do it. I'm just going to move on and be happy its all over with. See, I'm growing as a person! ;o)

But it is SO nice to be in a house, with a yard, with space.

Here is a quick list of things we have realized since we moved into the house:

1. Our kids are not nearly as loud as we thought they were.
2. It is eerily quiet not being able to hear all the neighbors and their goings on.
3. Our kids are going to be very very tan this summer with all the backyard playing I see in their future, just based on the amount of time they have spent outdoors the past few days!
4. Daily baths for the kids are no longer to be hoped for, they are absolutely REQUIRED.
5. We are going to lose weight just from walking around the house and getting from one side to the other.
6. Our apartment was way tinier than we realized when we lived there. And we still aren't sure how we fit all of our stuff in it, now that we see it in the house...
7. I can put dirty clothes in the washer at night, have the washer set on a 9 hour delay, and have clothes ready to be thrown in the dryer when I wake up. I woke up this morning and felt like I had been super productive. Adam woke up and just thought I was insane and had been doing laundry in the middle of the night, haha.

But I am pretty much settled in here. Adam seems to be too, although today was his first day back at work so we will see how the commute treats him. Apparently this morning was great! Lets hope the afternoon goes just as smoothly. I only have 1 box left in the living room to unpack, and then I need to finish getting the laundry and clothes all situated in their respective closets. Other than that, and just little things laying about that need to be put away, I'm done and unpacked. Of course, then I get to start painting and fixing things.... but I'm not focusing on that just yet, haha. Abby is settling well, although she is already worried about making friends and missing her old ones. We have joined one homeschool group, but I may be looking for another. It just so happens that all their events fall at times where we won't have the vehicle and/or have other plans already on those days. Abby does keep saying it is weird being here without her Meme though. This was her grandma's house up until last week, so its a bit strange for her to be here and have us be "alone" in the house. Will is doing great during the day, and ok at night. He gets a little scared in his room by himself, so for now I am laying down with him to help him go to sleep, and he comes into our room if he wakes up in the night. I'm ok with that for now, but after a couple weeks we are going to start transitioning him out of all that - definitely want him to have a good sleep pattern established well before baby comes in July. Even though I'm sure at that point his schedule will get messed up a bit and he will need some extra care, I think having it laid out well beforehand will make it easier for him to transition with the baby. That is my plan and hope anyway!

Ok, gonna go try to finish up this unpacking today. Then I can start thinking about Abby's room and painting tomorrow.... oh boy!

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