Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running for Compassion

SO, I have started running again using the C25K program. What I am very excited about this time though - is that I am going to run for charities. So I will get in shape, hopefully help maintain better health, and be doing this work to support a good cause. My first run will be in October in the D'Feet breast cancer run with some friends. A dear friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor, and so we are running in honor of her and to help fund mammograms for women who can't afford it in the Houston/Galveston area.

My run following that will be on Thanksgiving Day for Compassion International. I have a fundraising page that I have set up to help raise money. We sponsor a child through Compassion, and getting letters from him and getting to know him has really touched my heart. To see how a small sacrifice on our part, means so much to him and his family, is truly amazing. I want to do more for other children, so I am running to raise $1,000 to fund medical care for children around the world. You can see this link that will take you to my fundraising page.

 And this is our sponsor child, Iradukunda. We really do love him and pray for him, and I am running in honor of him and his family on Thanksgiving.

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