Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My World is Spinning

Goodness. Where do I even begin?! I will start with the easy part.

Homeschool has begun! And yes, I say this is the easy part, you will see why later! Haha. The week is actually going really well. We are still getting into the groove and it will take us time to adjust for sure, but I am really happy with our curriculum choices and I think we are off to a great start! I am really excited about this year. We have a lot of neat subjects going on with Abby, and its also really fun to have started some little preschool stuff with Will. Its so cute how he gets so excited to do his "Skoo". I really am SO blessed to get to stay home and teach my kids and get to know them and grow close to them in this way. Staying home has really kept me and Abby closer than I think we would be if she was gone all day. I hope as she continues to grow that we will be able to keep this same relationship and be able to talk about things. I know God has really blessed us with the opportunity to homeschool the kiddos, and to have such a huge selection of curriculums to be able to choose from. Plus we live in one of the absolute best states to homeschool. There is so little oversight and regulation, and its really nice to not be fearful in the regular day to day about if we are keeping up with everything correctly or if we will get in some kind of trouble or legal hassle. It is all truly a blessing.

Now, onto the more difficult stuff. I don't even know where to begin, but God is WORKING all up in our lives right now. So many things have been going on. I have some maybe serious medical issues that have come up - it could be absolute nothing or it could be something really scary. And I won't know for a good almost 2 weeks which it is. But, right now when I should be fearful or concerned or something, I'm really not. I feel at peace. And if you know me IRL, you know I am not a peaceful person! I worry and get frantic. I obsess and make myself crazy over everything. Truly it is GOD who is involved in all of this and keeping me together. I really do feel wrapped up in Him and just comforted knowing that no matter what HE is involved in this, and wherever I am and whatever is happening HE is there and HIS will is going to conquer everything else. Why should I be afraid of anything then? Other than the medical saga I have going, we are now sponsoring a child through Compassion International! I am so thrilled you have no idea. We wiggled some stuff around to make this happen, and I am thrilled to get this experience. We have written our first email letter just introducing ourselves, but we are putting together a real letter to mail with pictures of us and a postcard of what Texas looks like - bluebonnets and a longhorn, haha! Our child, Iradukunda, is from Rwanda. I wanted to specifically sponsor a child from Africa, because my niece is biracial, her father being African American. As she gets older I thought it would be good for her to be able to see the correspondence we have with our sponsor child, and it would be a good connection for us to have. Iradukunda really is adorable, and I so look forward to getting to read his letters! I am wanting someday to get to travel there and meet him - which Compassion arranges every couple years at least to every country they can. I think it would be a wonderful experience for us to get to travel and see other parts of the world, and I hope it would be a blessing to our sponsor child as well to get to meet us in person. AND I have been doing a lot of reading and am just really feel God pulling me closer to Him. I am seeing that our faith must be active and living and doing and being and everything! Jesus didn't say follow me and you will feel better and go to heaven - no! Of course heaven is an awesome thing, to get to be with God always and to be forgiven by His grace of all our sin of rejecting him and being so in ourselves! But Jesus called us to do SO much more! He challenged people. The world was ROCKED for these people. You were to take up your cross, you were to leave your family, you were to be willing to give up your life! Where is Jesus in our country? Who is Jesus here? What have we done to the gospel and to the message of Christ? Have we watered it down to make ourselves comfortable? Oh I fear that we may have. I feel so challenged. I feel this renewed sense of urgency and passion. I am not to accept Christ - I am to CLING to Him and be CHANGED by Him and be MOVED by Him and to do things THRU Him for others. I am a vessel, I am to give myself to Christ and do the will of God. Have I been doing that? Or have I been comfortable in my little bubble saying what I do is "enough"?

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  1. How wonderful that you guys are having a great start to your homeschool year! It's nice knowing you're out there schooling as well as me, while everyone else is still on summer vacation. hehe I loved your point about being able to know your daughter well and to being able to talk so openly. I hadn't realized that the same thing has been a perk here for me - thank you for opening my eyes to a blessing I hadn't seen.
    Also - concerning sponsoring a child, that is awesome! We sponsor two girls through Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. Part of the reason I picked this particular organization is knowing that we are allowed to correspond with our girls as much as we'd like and knowing that maybe someday, when my girls are older (our sponsored girls are the same ages as my 2 oldest) we can go on mission with them and maybe meet. Having a missionary heart is so important.

    Anyway, thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog the other day! Also, I will keep you close in prayer as you wait to hear back about your health issues.