Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby News - 17 weeks!

Doctor's appointment was yesterday - and everything is basically perfectly perfect. I am textbook apparently - which is good! My OB is now doing the ultrasound appointments differently though - so instead of getting my orders and scheduling my own at the hospital, she goes through a certain doctor and I have to wait for them to contact me and set up an appointment. Super boo! This means I am probably going to have to wait a bit longer than I had thought to go in and find out boy/girl. Oh well. Isn't that what pregnancy is - 9 months of waiting? If you're lucky. I know some people who have gone on for quite a bit longer. I am so impressed by them! I don't think I have the mental capacity to hang on, maybe that's why mine always come a few days before the due date! So anyway, now I'm just waiting. And that's about it. But the appointment went well and all is going exactly as it should, so I'm a happy camper. =o)


  1. Yahooo!!! congrats! much to celebrate! praying for you precious taylors!

  2. Well, we have an ultrasound date! Looks like we are going in on March 6 to check baby out and make sure all is good, and to take a little peek and see if we have a boy or girl!

    Girl name, I am prety set on a first name. Middle, I've got nothin. Boy names, goodness. If we have a boy he will be unnamed. Haha.

  3. Maybe a name that is a combination of Abby and Will because inevitably you will utter the words "ab...wil...whatever your name is, please come here" at some point ;)