Friday, February 17, 2012


I think I have a Zulily problem...
But, I have finished shopping for Abby's nice Spring and Summer wardrobe (except shoes). And I have her and Will's Easter outfits (for a steal!). I've also already got their swim stuff for summer - and I saved a TON on Zulily with that. We always do the swim shirts and shorts for sun safety and modesty purposes, and I usually spend $30-$50 easily on each swim suit because of this - not this year though! I was very excited to get that bargain. The only thing I need to worry about now is their play clothes and their feet being shod appropriately, plus a couple things for Will. Oh, and I guess baby clothes too, once I know what to buy, haha.

We're going minimalistic with the clothes this season, and I think its going to be great. Great for saving money, great for buying better quality and less quantity, and great for my laundry room which is constantly overflowing!

Anyone know where to get some cute boy clothes though, for a good price? I need a couple cute weekend/going out outfits for Will, but Zulily hasn't had anything that was reasonably priced for boys, I thought. Tons of girls stuff! But the boy stuff was just eh.

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