Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Komen drops Planned Parenthood funding

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Oh how long I have prayed and hoped for this! And according to this article, it certainly seems that Komen is changing their tune - and it seems a lot of people aren't very happy about it.

I on the other hand, am absolutely thrilled! I have often received quite a lot of flack, even from fellow Christians, for not supporting Komen because of the Planned Parenthood link. I was told I was "going too far", that the money only goes to screenings not to the abortion services so its not a big deal, etc. My opinion (and I also feel the facts of Planned Parenthood's financial practices) were different than those claims. I feel this is a great step for Komen to make! They can fund different local groups that offer the same breast cancer screenings to low income or in need individuals (without the added abortion facilities involved), and still be serving those in need and meeting their mission. It also makes it so much easier for people who strongly defend the prolife cause, to be able to donate or get involved with the organization.

Can we all just say, "yay!"

Although, I really wish people would stop saying its "politically motivated" and a politics issue. Yah, cause people killing babies is all about politics, and not about life and death and murder. Ya know.

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  1. I know...pretty sad. How can they support killing a baby? Komen definitely got a bad name in the past couple of days!!!