Friday, February 3, 2012

Reading from Today

I stumbled across the other day in a curriculum search, an Orthodox Charlotte Mason curriculum that used a book called "The Prologue of Ohrid". I thought I would look into it on Amazon, and was a bit shocked at the very high price (especially considering its in 2 volumes!). I may have found it online though - although I'm not sure if its exactly the same as the book or if its just a portion. But I have begun reading the daily readings, just because I find it to be so fascinating to read about the saints, and the daily readings also include some poignant reflections and contemplations.

This is the contemplation that I read today, and I found it very hopeful and encouraging. Maybe some else will too.

To contemplate the Lord Jesus as the Cornerstone:
1. As the Cornerstone in building personal character;
2. As the Cornerstone in building the family and a nation;
3. As the Cornerstone of every good intentioned social transformation and inspiration of mankind.


  1. My parents have the Prologue (what they have may be an older publishing, because it is in 4 books), but what you see online looks to be what is in the books! I will check...

  2. Thank you for the link - I'll read along with you a while. I've been looking for a resource on Orthodox saints that is not too weighty to be achievable or too expensive. Free is GOOD right now! By the way, may I snoop and ask which Orthodox Charlotte Mason curriculum you were looking at - I'm always looking for new homeschooling resources too!

  3. Of course! ;o) The Orthodox Charlotte Mason curriculum is called Ages of Grace. Right now they have out Ages of Triumph - which covers the Middle Ages I believe. The next year is coming out I think in the Spring. I checked it out and love the looks of it! A lot of the books listed unfortunately aren't available in my library, but some are. I priced the books and it would have been a lot to purchase them all. We will actually probably end up ordering a few pieces of the curriculum to use, like the music, but not everything. For me, I like to only start using programs completely if they are pretty near to completion, but we seriously almost broke that rule to use Ages of Grace. And, there was still the American History thing bothering me. Because of Abby's age I just really wanted her to go ahead and do American History first. Not anything in depth, but to get a basic overview before we start looking at other things. It looks really wonderful though! You can tell the author/mom spent a lot of her time, and the book choices are just lovely!

  4. Ah,yes. I wondered if it was this one - I read the blog. It does look lovely! It was a bit too old for my littles last time I checked it out but having looked again today there are definitely some elements worth delving into now - though no library option for those books here in the UK mean that it will have to be a "pick and mix" approach. I currently garner ideas from Ambleside, Mater Amabilis (another free online Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum) and Sonlight. I will be adding some of Katherine's beautiful suggestions for next year I think. Thanks!