Monday, December 19, 2011

Faux - Greek Avgolemono

As I sit here eating a little bowl of quick and easy soup, I thought, hmmm maybe someone else would like to try it. We really enjoy it when we have sore throats or coughs that need soothing, or when its chilly out. I am loving it for a nice evening meal before I go to bed, since it stays down and keeps me from waking up with hunger pains during the night (did I mention that me and food have not been very good friends lately?)

So, here you go. A very easy and not at all accurate version of Greek Avgolemono soup. Believe me - this recipe is not even close to the ingredients or amazingness of the real thing. BUT, it does fine in a pinch. And since I don't know how to make the real thing, this as as good as it gets around here. =o)

1 regular size can cream of chicken soup
1 medium sized lemon (or more, depending on your love for lemony-goodness)
sprinkling of thyme

Dump can of soup into a stove pot
Cut the lemon and squeeze the juice into the soup (watch out for seeds!)
Add milk (instead of water as on can directions) to desired consistency
Warm thoroughly
Sprinkle with thyme until you get the flavor you want

So yum.

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