Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Are my favorite drink. I live in Texas, and down here they come standard with a tex-mex meal or chips and salsa! I remember now, that when I was pregnant with Will, I CRAVED margaritas. I wanted one SO badly, and of course I didn't because I used self control, but man, was it difficult. This time is worse. I'm starving - ok maybe not REALLY, but sometimes during the day I FEEL like I am starving. I get so hungry, but everything sounds so gross. Except a margarita, haha. So tonight, out of desperation for something to drink, I grabbed a bacardi margarita mix from the freezer (alcohol free mixer of course), threw it in the blender with some lemon juice (I was out of orange juice and oranges, but like I said, desperation), and some ice and then thinned it out with water. And even though it isn't perfect, and its definitely NOT a margarita, its delicious. And it isn't making me feel sick. And I'm SO thrilled. This may become a normal thing around here. And its a nice thing I can make easily when we are hanging out with friends and family and everyone is having some wine or mixed drinks.

Yay! That'll do pig. That'll do.

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