Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I don't like thinking of titles to posts. Its torture.

Apparently the bullet post is becoming my new thing. It works.

1. I am still missing Will's hair.
2. All the presents in the house are wrapped. I ended up having to do the shopping for Adam's grandparents, so now I am waiting for more packages to arrive, so I can wrap more things. It is never ending.
3. I miss being able to eat food, and enjoy it. I can eat, but I'm miserable the whole time. It feels very sad.
4. I have been reading studies that say a glass of wine here and there during pregnancy is ok. Going to double check with my midwife/ob to get their opinion, but yes, I am very happy that I can have the occasional sip (especially on New Year's!) without feeling insanely guilty or getting myself in a tizzy.
5. I read the word piddleswap on a blog today, and I found it quite humorous.
6. The three little pigs told in Shakespearean language its absolutely amusing.
7. The Choctaw tribe makes it as insanely difficult as possible for someone out of state to get their Certified Degree of Indian Blood cards. I just want to get my kids cards, and its like pulling teeth.
8. We move in just over 4 weeks! Floors are getting redone before we move in, and I am so excited! The painting will take me forever, but that's ok. One room at a time.
9. Its not cold here. Bah humbug!
10. We are going to go to Santa's Wonderland this year! So exciting! I bet the kids are gonna LOVE it! I will have to get pictures to put up.
11. I am getting less Christmas cards this year than ever before. I hope more start coming in. This is making me sad! Every year fewer people send them out. Sniff sniff.
12. Abby is getting some really cool crackle nail polish for Christmas (ssshhh) and I think I might use it, haha.
13. I buy my own Christmas presents from Santa. It just ended up that way somehow. Its kinda sad buying your own gifts. And I inevitably end up buying things I need vs. things I just want to have. Life of a mom. =o)
14. Will is so excited about Christmas this year. He actually "gets" what is going on. He knows he bought Abby a present and what it is, and he knows not to tell her. So he keeps telling her he got her a SECRET! Haha. I love it.
15. Abby is a present counter. She wants it all to be even. I talked to her about just because someone has less stuff, doesn't mean anything. Although I DO try to get them an equal number of gifts, totaling about the same dollar amount. I guess I must have given her that "even"-ness trait.


  1. I shall comment in bullets, too!

    Awww, I bet Will's hair is adorable!
    Really hoping you start feeling better come second trimester!
    WOOT For moving
    I'm getting less Christmas cards, too. And I thought I was late sending them out!
    Are you not doing the three gift thing this year with the kids? I've wrapping shirts and dresses separately so it LOOKS like there is a lot ;) hehe

  2. Reply, in bullets, haha

    1. It is adorable! He just looks older. Sniff. And I miss the curls.
    2. I just wanna eat dangit! I'm pregnant, I should be able to eat food! Haha.
    3. Yes, WOOT!
    4. I love your Christmas card! =o)
    5. We are doing 3 gifts from "Santa", and then Adam and I together got them each 1 thing, and then the kids got each other a little something. I am having to wrap all the presents for other family (we have several families, and its all big except Adam's). Adam's grandparents spend a ton of money on the kids, so I had to wrap a billion things from them (and it hasn't even all come in the mail yet - oh and I'm wrapping for them too because with the surgery and everything, I think its just too much for them this year). But all my shopping is done - except for 3 things I need to get. Gift card, money, and a small little gift. Maybe 1 other thing too if we decide to get Adam's gma one more little thing. I dunno.

  3. 1. I am so glad to have a boy so I can cut all his hair off. I am so tired of doing hair. But, Will's hair was super cute - so I can feel your pain.
    4. I always have enjoyed a glass or wine or even a (light on the) Gin & Tonic while pregnant occasionally. And I drink coffee. And I eat lunch meat. All babies are healthy.
    11. Mine is coming! And I loved getting yours. :-) I've received less this year as well. It is sad to me too.
    12. TOO FUN! What color?!
    13. Want/need are often the same for a mom. Sad day. But fun that you get to pick?!

  4. Andrea-

    1. Your boy is so cute! And I bet by the time he is ready for a haircut - you will be equally as sad as I am, haha.
    11. Yay! I will be on the lookout! We actually got 4 today! I was so happy.
    12. Its a light glittery pink, with a black crackle. We're going punk I guess. Haha. But it looks so cute!
    13. So true! I guess it isn't that I don't want the items - cause I actually do. It's that I don't feel frivolous, haha. I miss being a kid sometimes. But being a mom is good too. =o) Especially getting to watch them be so excited and happy. That is so worth it all.