Wednesday, October 19, 2011

As a matter of FACT....

Everyone heard of Fr. Mitch Pacwa? I have been watching/listening to quite a bit of his debates/shows/etc. lately. Anyone else every noticed that he says quite frequently, "As a matter of FACT...." haha. I love it. He always says it when he starts to get really into a point that someone is disagreeing with.

I actually got to ask him some questions today on Open Line. Maybe you heard me. If so, please don't tell me how I sounded. I am sick, was carrying a neighbor's baby on my hip, was out of breath from walking the baby around, had dogs barking in the background, and was keeping my fingers crossed that Will stayed asleep while I was on the phone. It all worked out. AND I got some answers to a few questions I had about indulgences and relics. =o)

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