Thursday, October 13, 2011


Is everyone else just so happy its Autumn? I mean, even though HERE it doesn't feel like Autumn, we all pretend. We buy pumpkins. We put out fall decor. We insist on buying our kids fluffy Halloween costumes because *WHAT IT* it DID get cold (when is the last time that happened? Anyone remember? Every year I just see poor infants and toddlers sweating nearly to death). And, we do it to ourselves too, because most of the moms I meet are insisting on wearing their cute fall clothes. Even though its still near 90 degrees on most days. And we don't care. Cause its Fall DANGIT. And we want to wear our cute stuff. Summer in Texas is not pretty. Fashion goes out the window in favor of not suffering from heat stroke, so Fall is always much welcome. However briefly it visits us.

Halloween. Sigh. The kids are so excited. And I love Halloween too. But this year I'm really confused on what to do. I want them to know its more than just dress up and get candy. But honestly - I'm clueless! I want to jump right in and do all this cool liturgical stuff with them and I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't even know what half the words mean. What is a novena? What is a scapular? What is the different between Blessed and Saint? What is the difference between a Memorial, A Feast, A Remembrance. And what are you supposed to do? AH! Someone help me! But yes, we are dressing up for Halloween. Its our thing. Even us parents dress up (albeit not on Halloween, but for a Halloween party with friends). The kids are going to be a Vampire and a Zombie. Easy and cheap, so I'm on board. For the "adult" costumes, our group of friends decided this year that we would vote on each others costumes. So basically - I didn't pick my costume. All my friends and my husband got together and voted for my costume. I'm supposed to be a pregnant nun. A month ago I was rolling my eyes but whatever. Now I feel a little uncomfortable and disrespectful. Crud. It's better than Adam's costume - Green Running Man. Yikes. I'd have to exercise daily for 5 years before I'd put on all that green spandex!

With Fall also comes pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds!!! I love them. Toss them in some butter and then sprinkle on cajun seasoning, pop them in the oven, and they are sooooooooooo good. I bought a pumpkin yesterday specifically for the purpose of using the seeds for my upcoming snacks. Can't wait to do some roasting tonight!


  1. I had never realized how things like "novena," "scapular," blessed vs. saint, etc are so much are part of a culture I'm just accustomed to. Reading this post makes me realize how foreign that must feel to people who aren't Catholic! Email me if I can help. Seriously, it's overwhelming I'm sure.
    Halloween (All Hallow's Eve), All Saints Day, and All Souls day are probably one of my favorite times of the liturgical year. They are rich with opportunities for teaching and for prayer. And I think the timing, just before Advent, is so beautiful. I love reflecting on our mortality just before we prepare to celebrate the coming of a Redeemer. I get so excited about it every year! is a great resource. Also, if you go to the Domestic Church (or something along those lines) board on this Catholic homeschool message board, there are tons of ideas:

    Also, I hope you'll forgive me for being so bold, but personally I would encourage you to reconsider being a pregnant nun for Halloween. I'm sure it's a tricky situation, since your friends chose the costume, but I can't help but wonder if that isn't a blatant (spiritual, I'm not saying on purpose by your friends) attack against your desire to find out more about Catholicism. The timing seems odd to me. Religious sisters sacrifice so much for their love of God and His people, to me it seems completely disrespectful to poke fun at their vow of chastity. I hate that such costumes exist of priests and nuns, and it shows how our culture has twisted the beauty of a Holy Day (All Souls Day) into something not of God.

    Personally, I enjoy Halloween (my husband hates it!), but only so far as cute costumes/trick or treating/carving pumpkins and fall type stuff. It is really a fun time with children!

  2. Andrea,
    Please, never feel like you are being too bold! I truly appreciate all your comments and thoughts on everything (I need that perspective and guidance now and then, haha). I agree with you. When it first came up I didn't think much of it - I just thought that my friends in their typical way were making fun of my "prudeness" as they call it. But now that I am going in this direction and am learning so much more about the catholic faith and about the lives of so many saints and how much nuns and priests give up, I do feel uncomfortable with the costume. I think I may send an email out tonight to the group of friends, asking if I could just dress in the nun costume only.

  3. Email sent. I already feel much better.