Saturday, October 1, 2011

God's Chisel

I am seeing God move in awesome and amazing ways. He is answering questions I have had, and revealing answers to me in places I would have never expected. He is truly amazing and awesome! I wish that I didn't struggle so often with "lukewarm" faith. I really have to struggle to remain faithful sometimes, and to keep abiding in Him. I want to always feel his joy and just reflect it out to everyone. I want to see how amazing He is through my life and actions and love of others. I kind of suck at that. Just one more thing to work on as I keep seeking after my amazing savior!

I have also been seeing God move in awesome and amazing ways, that don't feel so awesome and amazing. Sometimes it hurts to be taken down a few pegs and shown your huge big ragingly wrong mistakes. Its unpleasant to have to look at those bad parts and cut off that flesh. But it must be done. And in the end I know that I will finally become the beautiful image that God created me to be, even though I know it will take my entire lifetime and the work will not be complete until I am in paradise with my God!

I wanted to share this video. Many of you have probably seen it before. But every time I watch it, I get a fresh perspective and reminder of the amazing love of Christ.

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