Sunday, October 2, 2011

God is SO good!

Can I just say, today was amazing?! A weird turn of events (perhaps orchestrated from above? hehe) led me to find out that Life Chain was going on today! So, I decided after talking with Adam, to just head on over there and participate. I ended up there early (whoops) but ended up getting to help out a lot in addition to praying and holding signs. It was an incredible experience! To see people from all denominations coming together and praying as one united body for the end of abortion, was just an incredible thing to see. There were some people who were upset as they drove by, but there were even more who were honking and cheering in support. It was awesome to see all the young people who came out too - so wonderful to know that our youth are not all being deceived by the world's message that the murder of millions of innocent children is an acceptable "choice"!

Also, even though yesterday I just posted about some things God was doing to work in my life, here He goes again today and just arranges things in a way to point out some major stuff to me! Wow. How amazing to know that I truly am never alone, that God always knows what I face and is there to just hold me through it all.

We also went to see Courageous this weekend. It was great! I cried and cried and CRIED! But was so glad to see a movie that promoted family and Christian values, rather than the typical Hollywood blech that is out there. Friday I am taking Abby to go see dolphin tale with her new friend from the neighborhood. We're going to have her friend stay the night with us too - Abby is obviously SUPER excited. What are some fun things we could do? Gonna make it a girls night. Dinner, movie, yummy dessert, maybe a trip to Charming Charlie's, and then nail polish popcorn and a movie before crashing on the huge couch? Did I forget anything? Of course, I'm sure I will leave and go to bed before the girls do, so that they can have their sleepover required stay up way too late and giggle time.

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