Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am slowly easing into this journey that I am on. I have been prayin the rosary daily for well over 2 weeks now (yay!) and Abby has even been joining me every evening. I added in reading the daily mass readings last week, and have kept up with that well. This week I am adding in a Bible and Catechism reading plan - which should take me a year to complete (IF I stay on track, ha!). I will continue with the daily mass readings, but I am going to make that part of our school time so that the kids will also have a daily Bible reading that we will all do together. I have other things I want to add in - a nightly examination of conscience and act of contrition, a morning prayer and devotion, etc. But I know for now I need to ease in, especially after talking with and heeding the advice of several wonderful people that I know! For now, I feel very blessed by doing the daily rosary, and I think adding in these readings will be wonderful for all of us. I also am trying to make the day to day things into a form of prayer. I'm trying to stop several times throughout the day when the Lord crosses my mind, to offer up a personal prayer to Him in that moment. I think we will also begin reading a little bit about the saints as part of our school day - so the kids and I will be learning together, haha. I think this is something that the kids will really enjoy learning about.

Also, I know that All Saints/All Souls are coming up, quickly followed by the season of Advent. We have never celebrated these before really, but I would like to at least so a small something this year in recognition of them. Does anyone have some simple *beginner* ideas for my family? Thanks!

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  1. Oh Kelli you must check out the "Once Upon a Time Saints" story books! They're our favorite and we use them all the time!