Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gregorian Chant

God is really after me lately! Yesterday another amazing thing happened, and I seriously had chills and was about to cry.

I have no idea what the Gregorian Chant is, really, no idea. But now I am certainly going to be looking it up! We stopped at the little Catholic bookstore I had been to previously, because I wanted to look for this other book I had read about that sounded like I might be able to glean some info from. We got there (me and the kids), and I heard the chant being played. We looked around, I found a book, got the kids a couple little coloring books about the sacraments and the mass, and went to go check out. I was paying, when all of a sudden Will (who is 2.5) says "WAIT A MINUTE! I hear (insert a word I couldn't understand here." So I said "What Will? You hear the music?" And he looked at me like I was crazy and said "NO, I hear Jesus! But where he is? I don't see him"

I froze. The woman checking me out said she had chills. She asked me if he said what she thought he said, and I told her yes he sure did. Now, there were pictures of Jesus all over the place. Will can look at a picture of Jesus and tell you its Jesus, so I knew that it wasn't just he saw a picture and was being weird or something, because he so easily could have pointed at a picture and been like oh its Jesus! But he didn't do that. He heard something, because he was LOOKING for Jesus to actually physically be around. And he told me that it wasn't the music he was hearing. The woman at the store told me that the Gregorian chant is a really old form of prayer, and that what she just saw was so amazing, and that I should look into buying the chant on cd or something to have at home because maybe it had some strong meaning for my 2 year old. Abby was mad that she didn't hear Jesus. =o)

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