Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I name my dog "Lady"

I end up at an event listed in a Protestant church bulletin that is attended by almost completely Catholics.

I am asked to say a Rosary on the 2nd day of October.

I continue to pray it at home using the computer, because it meant something to me when I had prayed it before.

I wander into a Catholic bookstore and am GIVEN a rosary.

I stumble across something today, that October is the month of the Holy Rosary.

Coincidence? Its seeming rather doubtful.


  1. Hi Kelli, I found your comment on Margaret in Minnesota and came over to say hello! I think it's no coincidence... Our Lady is calling you to pray the rosary! God Bless!

  2. I think that maybe God is sending you quite a clear message. :-)
    I was so glad to hear you're reading Rome Sweet Home! The Hahns are awesome, we're friends with one of their sons and his wife. What steadfast faith they have!

  3. I already finished it (I usually have a hard time putting a book down and go through them quickly).

    My husband thinks I have lost my mind. But I keep thinking, if this stuff I am reading is true, then I almost feel...angry. That maybe this empty feeling deep down and endless seeking I have had my whole life is somehow because I am missing out on a huge part of God and the fullness of himself. If that makes sense. I'm now reading "Surprised by Truth", and then I will be moving on to The "Faith Explained". We are discussing attending a mass this weekend... it has been a long time.

  4. Hi Kelli, I also saw your comment on MN Mom's blog and just want to say wow! You are being led and called to pray. I've heard that especially when you are learning how to pray the rosary, it is even more powerful. You can find free CD's at the Mary Foundation...not sure of the website, but check it out, it was my favorite way to learn the rosary, listen and follow along.

    God bless you, I'll be praying for you!

    Friday is the feast of the Holy Rosary...celebrate!

  5. Back again to tell you one of my favorite prayers, by the late Bishop Fulton J Sheen:

    "Lord illumine my intellect to see the truth
    give me the strength to follow it"

    I just read your comment and wanted to encourage you, to be so very thankful, not angry, because it's like the prodical son story...I had a, I guess conversion (I'd say I was luke warm til then) in my mid 20's and felt the same way, like I'd wasted all my life, but have realized it is those life experiences that helped me to come to that conversion in God's time. It forms you and your faith journey.

    God bless you!

  6. HI Kelli, I would definitely encourage you to go to a mass and just take it in. It's awe inspiring that in our mass we do the same thing as every other mass around the world and have been doing it for centuries. There is unity in the mass that is undeniable. God will lead you where he wants you to go!

    Check out EWTN the Journey Home show which focuses on conversion stories and then there is Relevant Radio 930AM or 950AM.

  7. I thought I posted something on here, but I guess it didn't go through!

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support! It really means a lot to me, especially since I know my decision to seek after this is going to cause some friends and family pain and concern. It means a lot to me to have some encouragement as I begin this process of reading, researching, praying, understanding...thank you.