Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moving - in more ways than one

Today it hit me - I am moving in 3 months (or less). I have holidays to contend with, and packing to finish. I've got floors at the house desperately needing some love, and walls that are screaming "pleeeeease remove the ugly 80's wallpaper and save me!"
And I'm excited. And suddenly extremely overwhelmed! I have a huge list going of things we need (like new beds for the kids...ouch). One step at a time Kelli!

I've also been thinking about how "unfriendly" I am. I don't think its that I REALLY am unfriendly. But, I do have a temper (shock, ha), and unless you are my immediate family, I'm pretty introverted in real life. I might be very animated and friendly when I am in a situation with other people, but I don't necessarily want to be there. I like to be alone. In my house. With my family. A good book. And just being alone. I am definitely an introvert. Being out of the house stresses me out. I like to be surrounded by familiarity and comfort. I tend to get annoyed easily, which is a bad habit too. Crud. Look at me just listing all these things out. But, I think lately I am coming to see that while others have faults or things that do bother me, good grief who am I to judge them? Look at all my issues and baggage. Maybe I should be looking at myself and my obnoious tendencies. At the same time, I know God made me who I am. He knows me and loves ME and wants me to be the person he created, but I think he also expects me to be striving to convert my heart to His every moment of the day. Its difficult, but I am becoming more aware. What do you do throughout the day, or what do you keep around, to help remind you of where your heart and mind should be? To help you get  kick in the pants from our tendency to be in this world and act in less than Godly ways? It is a lifelong journey I'm sure, but I'm excited and kind of scared to be on it.

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  1. It is kind of a scary journey, isn't it?? Thankfully though, with God by our side, it's really not a scary place at all. Because, after all, He has already won!

    For months, years even, I have wanted to surround myself with Scripture on my walls but was never really sure just how to go about that. About a week, or two, ago, it hit me. Some teens from church have put together these beautiful pictures they have taken of God's beautiful creation, and they added Scripture to them. Now, I'm sure we have all seen something similar to this at stores, but how much more beautiful when it is a picture of something you are familiar with? Not to mention cheaper! =] So, that is something that will be coming to my home soon. Most likely 8x10's, though sometimes poster-size is screaming at me. Lol!

    Surrounding ourselves with God's Infallible Word is definitely a MUST in these last days were living in.

    And, how exciting about the move to the new house! Will is going to LOVE having a backyard to play in!!