Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Part Deux

Today, I am thankful:

1. that what was potentially a staph infection actually turned out to "only" be shingles...
2. for modern medicine (antivirals) that are hopefully going to knock the shingles right outta here.
3. that all the sickness in the house (other than my own) seems to be going away!
4. for my husband who insisted I make chili dogs for dinner rather than hot dogs. YUM.
5. my neighbor, who watched the kiddos for me at the last minute today. =o)
6. for my parents who are letting us move into their old house soon!
7. that my husband has agreed to be open to new life!!!! *EEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
8. that Lady asked to go potty. Even if it was only 2 times. Ha!
9. for another round of cool weather that blew in today!
10. for much needed RAIN, which we have gotten to see a bit of today!

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