Friday, November 4, 2011


What a BEAUTIFUL day! The weather is cool and crisp but the sun is shining.

We've all been up early and went to the cemetery to visit Aunt Frances, and we also found Betty Jo! She is my Memaw's sister who died when she was only 6. I had no idea Aunt Frances had been buried next to her. We left flowers and said a rosary. My sweet Abby cried. She really loved Aunt Frances and misses her very much. I think going really helped her though. She was happy to leave a rose. Next time we will know to bring a rose for Betty Jo too.

I made a loaf of bread last night, and it was delicious, but turned out a little wonky. I tried again today with much better results. The master recipe bread will be perfect for lots of things, but we need some sandwich bread. So after we use up all this dough, I will try one of the sandwich recipes. Adam was concerned about this bread because he didn't want to have little bread for his sandwiches - he said it reminded him of Spinal Tap (have you ever seen Spinal Tap? Its very terrible, but its funny. I'm sure if I watched it now though, I would react to it much differently than I did years ago!) I don't have all the special items that the book calls for - baking stone, pizza handler, nonstick loaf pan. But I've been making do with what I do have, and I'm satisfied with the results. I do think I will be adding a few items to my Christmas list though! It is VERY easy and VERY fast. Doesn't take up much time at all. And its amazing how much happier everyone is when you can smell bread baking, haha!

So, I will leave you with my Thankful Thursday items, on Friday, since I forgot yesterday. Whoops!

I am thankful:
1. for so much clothing that its near impossible to get all the laundry put away (haha....)
2. that once again, a cool front blew through. That's 3 weeks in a row now, on every Thursday!
3. for you tube, where you can find nearly any video or clip you could possibly want.
4. for friends who let me talk when I need to, but understand my need to escape.
5. for my husband's boss, who is really a very good man and gives my husband a wonderful work environment, most of the time. ;o)
6. for St. Francis of Assisi, because the last few days my pleas to him to pray for me may be the only reason I haven't strangled my dog....
7. for Walmart putting their pumpkins on clearance. I got 3 for $3, and we are gonna have a bunch of yummy pumpkin seeds later tonight!
8. for my quilt. Handmade a few generations ago, and still cozy and warm.
9. for relatives who buy themselves really nice new things, and give me their really nice used things!
10. for our sponsor child, who draws me sweet pictures of things from Africa, and reminds me of what is really important.

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