Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffee, Bread, Oatmeal, etc.

I hate having to title posts, but it seems like a required thing to do. Blah!

Moving on, haha. I was just sitting here with a hot cup of my mocha coffee concoction that I have everyday (yum!), and it just feels so nice. The warmth just runs straight through me. Hearing the coffee brew and mixing it all together just feels so comforting. That's a big thing with me lately - comfort. I want my home to feel warm, welcoming, comforting. Having people over is so hard for me. I enjoy it, but I get *stressed* out - didn't I mention that I am a loner? I have accepted much more the fact that I just like to be alone. I don't like to have a ton of friends. Not in a bad way, but it is what it is. At the same time, I don't want this to make me seem distant or somehow unfriendly or unwelcoming. So I do plan to host people in my home when we move, and I so look forward to it, but I also look forward to the peace and comfort and calm that we will have in our everyday. It feels more like how things should be.

Now, Bread. I have been using my book and making bread! I started out with the master recipe and it turned out pretty well. I then moved onto using the same recipe but with a loaf pan - ok so now we know that my family prefers this! Good to know! We have been eating an insane amount of bread. Apparently, we really like delicious bread! Thinking about store bought bread now sounds absolutely disgusting. I really need more room in my fridge. And a few other things. I don't need all the special supplies right now, I've been making do just fine. But one thing I would LOVE to have is a pizza peel and a good bread knife! I learned that my bread knife is junk. Investing in a good new one may be on the short to-do list. But seriously, this bread is so quick, easy, and delicious. I mentioned to Adam that we had some leftover store brought bread he could use for lunch since we were running low on my current loaf and I didn't want to make a new one the next day (I was trying to save it to use with dinner). But he looked so distraught about having to eat the other bread that I gave in and let him take it. I figure today the ducks will get to have the remainder of the store bread that we have sitting in the house.

Now, Oatmeal. We eat a ton of oatmeal and cream of wheat for breakfast around here. I usually get the little instant packages, but have decided that we are spending too much money when we could just be making it ourselves (we're at home all day, so really what's the rush?). Plus, the oatmeal instant packs have high fructose corn syrup, which I'd really rather avoid. Here is my problem - we think regular oatmeal is nasty. We love the flavored instant packs, but I have no clue how to recreate these. I have tried, and the kids gagged. So if anyone has some delicious oatmeal recipes or know how to properly flavor it up, please please please I beg of you tell me how you do it!

I'm also working on preparing things for the holidays. I've got Christmas cards started ( I LOVE to send Christmas cards! So if you want one and you aren't on my list, please send me your address! Really! Please!!!!) Also with Advent approaching, I have to figure out what we are going to do! I need something easy. I know we will do the advent wreath (which reminds me that I need to buy a new one since when packing things away I shattered mine, sniff), and we will do St. Nicholas Day as well as our typical Christmas Eve and Day stuffs along with family visiting and whatnot, but I'm trying to think of some other Advent things we can do that will be meaningful and not overwhelming for this noob. Afterall, we can always add in more things later, and I am on a simplicity kick. =o) But still, I'd love your ideas if you have any special things that your family does and that you enjoy!

Also, just to note, I am feeling so blessed this morning. I truly am. So many wonderful people have just come alongside our family in the past month, and offered us so much love and support and friendship. Last night I had a rough night. I didn't even realize that I would be so upset over this certain topic that came up, but I was just heartbroken and aching and longing. I know it will happen in God's timing and all will be well. And I am so thankful for all the blessings that we do have. Last night my heart was turned from aching into patient. It still longs, but there isn't hurt today. Its a good day.

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