Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Bullet post! Cause today is a busy day.
  • Today I start a 3-week job for my husband's company making phone calls from home. Easy. Lets see how it goes with the kids.... Abby is getting paid to play with Will all day, haha. Which is good for her, because she has to do work to earn money to buy her secret santa gift.
  • I feel sick today. I guess that is a good sign. 
  • We are ordering pizza for lunch. Because I am tired, have work to do, and I really want a buffalo chicken sandwich.
  • I am now slightly concerned that I won't actually be able to eat the above mentioned sandwich.
  • My Christmas cards are all ready to go - I just need to get stamps!
  • I made an insurance mistake, and now have to fill out a completely different form and send in 50 million copies of different paperwork items all over again, because I had the incorrect application. Ack! Oh well. 
  • Abby is doing better today, but is still missing Penny.
  • It doesn't help that her little brother keeps asking where Penny is... eek.
  • I'm not sure I can give up caffeine for this pregnancy. Once my current coffee runs out, I am going to replace it with decaf and then stop drinking sodas. I am going to need big time prayers when that happens. For those of you who also drink coffee to get you through the day - you know what I mean.
  • Being out of printed ink in a homeschool family, is a very bad thing!
  • I got a kids prayer book for Abby, and she likes to turn the prayers into songs. I love it.
  • Will hates wearing pants. Sigh. 
  • Our Jesse Tree and Advent wreath devotions are going well. I'm quite pleased.
  • Putting out the Christmas candy within sight of the 2 year old was a bad idea...

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  1. bahahaha I LOVE the bullet about will and his pantless ways. Sigh...he and Ellie are SO alike!
    Hope you are feeling better!!