Monday, November 28, 2011

New Mass Translation and the Threats

Ok, so the title of this post is talking about 2 completely different things! Haha.

So, the new translation of the mass was introduced officially. We actually enjoyed it. Of course, we haven't been saying things a certain way for us our whole lives, but I thought the wording was much more "royal" sounding and traditional, which I liked, and I loved that more was sung rather than just spoken. I felt it was much more powerful to me emotionally. It is sad to me that I have seen so many articles about people complaining about the mass translation. Although I'm sure the news is making it into a much bigger issue than it truly is - at least I hope so. But as for my family, we thought it was beautiful (and my husband who is still memorizing things anyway, really liked that everyone was having to hold a paper with the words and not just him, haha!)

Now, the "Threats". We have had so many people say we are having twins, that we are nearly convinced it is! Haha. We will know on the 19th I guess! Twins do run in my family, and I feel WAY more exhausted this time around than I did in my other pregnancies (although, I do have a 2 year old running around, which I never had before during pregnancy either). I am calling them "threats" because, I dunno, it just sounds scary! Its like people are almost threatening us with it, OH TWINS! It's gonna be twins and you will be so tired! Oh what will you do with twins! Geez, I dunno - I hadn't even considered it until about 10 different people brought it up! Of course, if it IS twins I will be very joyful and thrilled, albeit a little bit terrified! Haha. And if its not, well I will still be joyful and thrilled to have 1 sweet little one.

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  1. Ohhhhh I know what it felt like being pregnant with an almost 2 year old. SO exhausting. I'm not going to vote twins in or out. I just know God is smiling down on you!