Monday, November 14, 2011

The Beginning

I don't know if its the baby or my crazy brain, but so far I am:
  • losing my mind - I told Adam my first appointment was going to be October 19th and did he already have that day off from work... this was via email. He responded to me asking if I meant that date (being sarcastic of course, that Adam), and I assured him that yes October 19th was the correct date. He was like - KELLI!!!!! Oops. (random note - Adam does NOT like it when I say He was like blablabla or she was all like bleebleeblee, but I find myself always doing it. High school has forever changed me in some ways I'm afraid, haha)
  • Gagging on toothpaste. This has happened in both my previous pregnancies, in fact it was the thing that triggered me to take a test when I was pregnant with Will.
  • I am STARVING. I eat, and I still feel sooo hungry. But, everything sounds blah. Not bad, just not good. I remember this feeling when I was pregnant with Abby. Didn't have this issue in my second pregnancy. Signs of a girl? Abby thinks so - its what she has been praying for apparently!
  • I am sooo tired. I am a night owl and am usually up til midnight. By 8:30 I could seriously go to bed for the night. Unfortunately, my kids usually aren't and the house is usually still in disarray, so I end up staying awake later. Right now I am just waiting for poor Will to pass out so that I can then go hit the sack myself.
So, its very possible I am crazy. Its still so early I really think it probably is my mind psyching me out. But I might as well get used to it either way. =o)

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