Friday, November 18, 2011

Cloth Diapering - Thirsties Duos?

SO - I need to buy cloth diapers again. I loaned out my diapers to a friend...and well. Lets just say I doubt they are going to be returned.

I loved my thirsties covers - and I see now they have Thirsties duo wraps. Has anyone tried these? They only seem to be about a dollar more than the regular covers, which seems like it would be more cost effective...but I'm wondering if they truly work as well as the regular Thirsties.

I'm just going to go with prefolds and my Thirsties this time around. I found before with my fitteds and pocket diapers that I had as well, that it just wasn't worth the extra effort or money for me to invest in those. So I won't be again.  I'm curious about others experience with the Duos though. So if you've used them, let me know!


  1. I've used both the regular velcro thirsties that fit to size and the duos with snaps. I actually do prefer the duos with snaps! I have a newfound love for FuzziBunz, however, I will NEVER abandon my prefolds and Thirsties - they are just the workhorse combo of diapers. Anyway, I just wanted to say I've used both and the duos are great - I really like them. They last longer, I prefer snaps in general, and they have some cute prints now!

  2. See, I have never used the snaps on thirsties. I always got the aplix. I had a bad experience with snaps on my fitted diapers - they were always either too loose or too tight! I liked being able to adjust it how I liked around the tummy with the aplix. I have heard so many rave about snaps, but I just don't get it, haha. I am glad to hear you like the duos though! It always makes me feel better to know someone who has used a product for themselves before I order it. And yes, some of the prints are so cute! I saw an owl print, and I have owl issues, so I don't think I will be getting that one though, haha. We have to replace almost all of our baby stuff really. I tend to loan things out to people, and then never see them again. This time around we are trying to get everything in green and yellow and get pretty good quality, to try and store it away (now that we will have a garage to store things in!) to save for (hopefully) future babies.

  3. Oh my gosh, cloth diapers! How fast I had forgotten about all that! I loved my prefolds and thirsties while they were so little and EBF messy diapers! hehe
    Ohhhhhhhh how fun. Can I just come sniff your little one when he/she gets here? hehe LOVE the smell of new babies! How are A and W in all of this? excited??

  4. Haley - you are welcome to come and sniff my baby anytime, haha. The kiddos are doing great! Well, Abby is! She was so excited she cried. She has been weighing in on names, pleading with God for a baby sister, and is very happy. Will seems to finally understand when we tell him there is a baby in there, ha! He keeps talking about it and patting my tummy, and saying its little and we have to wait for it to get big. Sometimes he will say he wants to lay with the baby and will cuddle my stomach (awww) but then other times, like last night, he said he was going to bite the baby and attacked my stomach, haha!

  5. I like the velcro too, I just prefer the snaps because they don't create chains in the wash, AND they don't seem to be coming off like my velcro (I need to sew some of my larger ones back on). Velcro is nice for a good fit though, I agree. with a 2 year old in cloth, I have to say that snaps are a lot harder for her to take off herself. I don't need any more of those sorts of incidences. hahahahaha
    You might check out Flip diapers too. They are the same basic idea - but I love them as much as I love my thirsties. And their yellows and greens are super cute.

  6. Andrea - yes... I think we have both had more than our fair share "those incidents" lately!