Friday, November 11, 2011

Delayed Thankful Thursday (again)

Should I just rename this Thankful Thursday OR Friday? Goodness! I have hardly been doing this and I already can't seem to keep up!

SO, even though it is a bit delayed, here we go!

I am thankful

1. for people who have supported us during the last couple of months.
2. for tylenol and other pain medicine, because without it I don't think I would have made it through today without having to ask Adam to stay home from work.
3. that I am halfway-ish done with Christmas shopping and wrapping.
4, to be able to celebrate the holiday season in a very meaningful way this year.
5. for leftovers, because I can just heat up dinner tonight.
6. that God has been trimming things out of my life and putting everything back in order.
7. that so many of you wonderful people blog about your faith and your home life, so that I can get encouragement, help, ideas, etc.
8. for yet again (!!!!) the cool burst of weather that has been around the past few days.
9. for comfy fleece pants on days when you aren't feeling your best.
10. the dishwasher.

On another note, I think my husband and I (and Abby who couldn't help but add her 2 cents) have decided how we plan to celebrate the holidays this year and have it all written out. I know what we need to get and have my list ready to finish everything up. Yay! Feels good to have it all figured out.

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