Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whiny Me

Even though I don't have that much to get done today, cause we have already done most of what we usually get done, I am being a bum. I just don't feel like folding that last basket of laundry. Or doing those few dishes in the sink. Or repacking that 1 box the dog bit holes into (sheesh). But, I think I will do it anyway.

Do ever get in a mood? All of a sudden you just.... want to sit and be bored? Cause I do FEEL bored. I know most of the real work for the day is done, and I just gotta finish up. But I'm just kind of tired. Haha. Time to sip a coffee and git er done.

Is it ok for me to be drinking coffee??? I don't remember these things anymore. Googling.


  1. You should be staying away from caffeine Kelli! It's no good for baby, or you! You will have so much more energy when you kick the caffeine habit. I'm speaking from experience here. =]

    And, yes, I often get into a 'mood'. I like to call it a funk, or just being blah. I'm right there with you today. I haven't really wanted to do anything, and honestly, I haven't.

  2. Actually, my doctor said limited caffeine is perfectly acceptable - key word being limited. Mine isn't. So I will be working on that. Slowly switching to decaf - but I am not going without coffee completely! She said I can keep having chocolate, iced tea with dinner, etc. But my multiple cuppas a day is not going to be the best thing. Adam cut out soda/most caffeine completely, and he still misses it sometimes. I won't go that route. I figure I'd rather go see Jesus a little bit sooner than spend my whole life without my tasty coffee, haha. To each his own!

    I did get my work done, although, I could have done a lot more too. Ah well. At least I mustered up the energy to make Adam his sticky buns!