Monday, November 21, 2011

To sleep, perchance to dream...

I am sooooooo tired. I don't remember feeling this way with prior pregnancies. I crawl into bed as soon as the kids pass out, I take a nap during the day, and all day I'm just thinking of bed. And when I am getting a ton of sleep (I have to admit, it HAS been nice....) I am having weird pregnancy dreams.

Today during my nap with Will (um, yay! I forgot how much I loved taking naps), I had a dream that we went to our friends house - the ones who have all my cloth diapering stuff - and the husband was asking his wife "Where is their stuff?! What did you do with it?!" And she totally lied to him and said she gave it all away or it got old blablabla, and then I looked in her living room and she had storage shelving like would be in a garage all along the ceiling (I know, odd and makes no sense, but it was there) and I SAW my big PUL bag that I had given her all the cloth diaper stuff in. So while Adam was in the other room watching them argue with each other, I climbed on furniture and got my bag of diapers and ran out of the house with it and started throwing it into the trunk - but the trunk was full of tons of baby stuff that I guess we had been going around and collecting from other people we know who I had lent it out to, and I couldn't fit it in, so I kept trying to jam it all in. I was trying so hard to shut the trunk that the trunk like ripped and I realized we had been ripped off when we bought our car because the trunk was made of cheap plastic! I was freaking out and knew we were going to get caught, so I just started shoving things inside the car on top of the kids and started screaming at Adam to run that we had to go NOW NOW NOW.

Apparently I am kinda a pregnant thief.

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