Saturday, November 12, 2011

Exciting News!

Well, I wasn't going to share this (as some of you already know) for a little while yet... but since today my husband and daughter managed to tell every single one of our friends and family members (haha), I guess I might as well let you all in on it!
As I'm sure the big ticker on the left clued you in - we are expecting baby number 3! Yes, that was fast. I've already been called several interesting names which I will not repeat here by family and friends, haha. But needless to say we are SO excited and happy. Of course its still EXTREMELY early yet, so prayers for healthy baby would be wonderful, and for a not too sick Mama would be appreciated.

Baby #3 is due July 24th (ish) - a long time yet. Looking at the counter is horrifying, so I might just remove it, haha. But Abby, even though she was so happy she cried (!!!!) is concerned about having to share her birthday (July 14)! She should be a bit worried I guess. My babies tend to come a little early anyway, so it very well could happen on her birthday. She already has to share her birthday with a cousin, and Will has to share his with an Uncle! This next baby has to share a birthday with someone else too I suppose. Its only fair, hehe.

We're already thinking of names and throwing them in a jar. We would like something that goes with Abby and Will (Abigail and William), and preferably a saint name. Yes, it seriously will take us the entire 9 months to agree on something! Any wonderful suggestions you have would be welcome!

Also, we are considering doing our first homebirth using a midwife. I have to call the insurance company and see what we can get covered and start trying to figure it all out, so prayers for that too please, if you don't mind too terribly much. ;o)


  1. Hey Kelli, concerning the midwife, my insurance doesn't technically cover homebirth. However, they way that she bills, it gets covered. So, definitely talk with any midwife you are interested in also, before you dismiss the whole thing if the insurance company isn't too excited about the idea.

    Also, it makes me sad that you mention being called names during this most joyful of times. I pray you don't let that get to you, this is an incredible blessing and I'm sure this sweet child will bring you, and them, immeasurable blessings!

  2. Thanks Andrea! I will definitely talk to some local midwives about the options and how they have handled insurance in the past. Thanks for the info!

    And don't worry about the name calling. =o) It was more of in a teasing sort of way (Adam's and my family are both notorious for this - if they aren't teasing you then they probably don't like you). I've become quite used to it and just let it roll off after this many years - plus I did expect to get a few comments, because a few people in our families don't really understand why anyone in our situation (with 1 boy and 1 girl) would possibly want to have another baby. It just makes me sad for them a little bit, but I know this baby is going to be a blessing to us all, and will be loved by everyone! Despite their snarky comments right now. ;o)

  3. Even if your insurance doesn't cover a home birth, it isn't that expensive. We didn't have insurance at all, and were able to get it all paid before the 3rd trimester. Don't get me wrong, sacrifices had to be made but, the Lord ALWAYS provides. If you would like our midwifes info, just let me know! Although, you may want someone closer to Spring. =]


  4. Thanks Ellen! I think I will definitely be wanting someone closer to my "new" area, but thanks! I have googled a few midwives in the area and the prices they have listed for their services on their websites are not doable for us without some insurance coverage- especially when we could have it covered by insurance when going with a hospital. The OBGYN I used when I was pregnant with Will was wonderful and is still practicing in the same area (we were in Spring when Will was born also) so unless the insurance works out it looks like hospital for me - which even though isn't what I would hope for, is fine because last time it went ok and this doctor was amazingly supportive of our choices regarding the birth and it went very well last time. So we will see which way it goes, but either way it will all work out just fine. =o)

    And THANKS! I guess we all just got so excited we couldn't keep our mouths shut, haha!