Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

Preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow! The kids are so excited. I have mashed potatoes cooking today, and I will finish cooking them tomorrow in the crock pot. I've also got to make sweet potatoes tomorrow (we do cajun, not sweet marshmallow ones) and the green bean casserole. Yum! Listening to the kids play, singing Thanksgiving songs, and getting ready for a nice long weekend with my family. Love!

On another note, Adam's grandma has an aneurism that she has had for a while, but it has worsened and she needs to have surgery on it. They will be doing a CAT scan next week to determine the exact type of surgery necessary to fix the issue. She is obviously worried, but has also been informed that she needs to stop smoking in order to have the surgery (which we have been pestering Adam's entire family to stop doing for years anyway!). So if you could pray for her and Adam's family - everyone in the family is going to stop smoking with her to offer their support. Thanksgiving over there could be a bit cranky tomorrow... and of course we want a successful surgery and healthy Great Granny too!

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