Monday, November 7, 2011

Mother of Divine Grace?

Just quick post to ask-

Does anyone have experience with Mother of Divine Grace Curriculum? I am looking into it for next year, but may be using a different science and a different math. Everything else looks good to me, but I am unsure about the spelling and grammar only because what we have currently I do really like, so that I may leave as is. But I wanted thoughts on the other subjects, the layout of the syllabus, the history curriculum I am especially interested in. Thoughts?

Edited to add that now I'm also really liking Catholic Heritage...anyone have experience with them as well???


  1. I love CHC(Catholic Heritage Curriculum)
    I use a different English and Math--We use Saxon Math and English is Voyages in English, by Loyola Press (not the Mother of Divine Grace Voyages in English)

    I've used CHC for years, switched to Seton one year only to switch back the next year. I found Seton too dry.

  2. Hello,
    I found this post in my search for reviews of the MODG curriculum. I'm going to be homeschooling my boys next year (3rd and kdg), and I'm trying to decide between MODG and CHC.
    Just wondering if you had an update from this post. :) I'd love the feedback!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    We actually decided to go a completely different route with our curriculum, but after further reviewing MODG and CHC, we were leaning towards CHC. MODG looked like more effort on my part, and although I loved the looks of it, a few people I know have had trouble keeping up with it and finding all the materials at a reasonable price. CHC looked much more convenient, and having viewed some of the materials in person they were very beautiful and I was quite happy with them. They would get my vote. Best of luck in your curriculum search! I know how difficult it can be to find just what fits your family. =o)