Sunday, November 20, 2011

Picture Post!

...Because I have been so neglectful lately.

Finally, some pictures from Abby's race! It was an early morning (can't you tell? haha). We had to BE there at 7 - which meant getting up far too early in order to eat breakfast, get ready, and drive there.

This is her "Girls on the Run" group that she joined to practice and run with. They all completed the 5K, which is great!

And here is my Lady - whose name is not very fitting to her because she is not in the LEAST bit lady-like. Doesn't she just look like a naughty? I love her anyways.

Sometimes I get my camera, and find out that some little sneakies have been using it. How do I know? Because I find lovely gems like these when I download all the pictures...

Moving on...

 I've been trying some new dinners lately, and one we REALLY like is this Italian Frittata. It is
 so amazingly simple and delicious.


And here is a picture I took recently of my kiddos. I love it. Its really one of the best I've been able to get in a long time - sad really, haha. But it just shows them how they are really well. I love that Will's hair is just a mess and crazy. He has curls and his hair is more red than this picture, but the mess of the hair is what I deal with on a daily basis. It is untameable...but I refuse to cut it short, haha.

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