Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sick =o(

Oh dear. Looks like a stomach bug is sweeping through the house. Abby was sick last week with it, but she is old enough and at the point where she just prefers to handle it herself unless it gets really bad, so that was a breeze. Adam was feeling it a few days ago, but his stomach bug stint only lasted him about 24 hours. Will seemed to have it a bit yesterday, but this morning it is on in full force. We've been making multiple trips to the bathroom this morning. Its especially sad though because he wants to eat and drink so badly, but every time he tries we have to run to the bathroom again. He was just laying in the chair at the table, poor baby! I seem to have been able to convince him now that he will feel better if he lays down. I offered to make him a nice pallet on the floor....which he declined in favor of the couch (sigh- my couch is only 2 months old! haha).

Sure glad I went ahead and did that work yesterday even though I didn't feel like it... today may be a little rough.

I feel like this year the kids have gotten hit really hard with sickness. I can't even remember them getting sick last year at all, and this year its just been one thing after another. No good.

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