Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday - on Thursday!!! (Just barely)

Aha! Before I run out of Thursday! ;o)

I am so very thankful

1. That we survived the incident earlier today! And are none too worse for the wear.
2. That I have not yet been having any "morning sickness", because I think today might have done me in if I had been! haha.
3. For a delicious dinner "out" that we brought home and enjoyed with the sickies. Chips and salsa are tasty, but now my stomach is none too pleased. This has happened in both my previous pregnancies, so I'm glad I was able to enjoy that last bit of salsa for 9 months.
4. For getting to cuddle up on my couch and watch tv with my 2 kiddos this evening. They need some extra cuddle time over the next few months I think.
5. That my amazing doctor that I had with William is still in town and accepting my insurance! While it isn't exactly what I hoped for, it will be covered financially, and I will be at peace because I truly trust this doctor and I know she will listen to me and my hopes for this pregnancy and birth. What more can you truly ask for or expect?
6. For a daughter who loves to be the little mom, and is ever so helpful, even when her Mommy is having a nervous breakdown - especially when her Mommy is having a nervous breakdown.
7. For a son who will randomly say I love you, and knows when you need a little squeeze and extra love.
8. For a husband who took on sick child duty this evening for a while, to give me a break.
9. For all of our needs being met, and being blessed far more than we often realize.
10. For this beautiful day with my kids, and every moment of it, even the ones that I wished weren't happening. Because someday, its days like today that I will look back on, remember, and laugh about. And that, I treasure.

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